I Recommend Internode Broadband Internet ADSL

I often get asked which broadband Internet provider I use – the answer is simple: I recommend Internode Broadband Internet ADSL and have been a customer of theirs since early 2002.

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Internode is a 100% Australian owned business, born out of skills developed in the original deployment of AARNet, the academic sector pre-cursor to the commercial Internet in Australia. Since that time, they’ve pioneered Internet developments in Australia, leading the industry with a passion for technical innovation and excellence few other carriers or service providers can match.

These are just some of the reasons why I’ve stayed an Internode customer over the years and recommended them to many friends and business associates:

Some Thoughts from the Internode Management Team

“Internode is a First Tier Internet services provider. We use the best technology, harnessed by our excellent network design team, to deliver the best end-to-end network service we know how to build. We provide a consistently reliable service that we deeply care about, whether you’re a business, corporation, government department or home user.”
– Simon Hackett, Founder & Managing Director, Internode.

“Being an Internode customer isn’t just about buying our services. We prefer to see it as joining a group of people and businesses that want converged communications to be the reliable, revolutionary technology that simply – yet dramatically – makes our lives better.”
– Pat Tapper, Chief Executive Officer, Internode

3 Replies to “I Recommend Internode Broadband Internet ADSL”

  1. I’ve been with Internode since 2002, and have never had any cause to consider churning to another ISP. Their customer service is excellent, communications are timely, and range of plans are excellent. I only wish Telstra would hurry up and upgrade my local exchange so that I can take advantage of the ADSL2+ service!

  2. I’m sure there are several good companies, but it seems that in rural areas, one important question will always be whether you can get service at all. I got tired of paying Telstra for ordinary service and tried to get naked DSL, and couldn’t get it from anyone but Optus. The service has been fine but I’m not looking forward to the first support call. Meanwhile in my office I’ve always found Westnet to be exemplary, they just couldn’t do naked.

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