Free Desktop Wallpaper: Mount Kosciusko Sunrise, Jumping Crocodile Mid-Bite, Lunar Eclipse and more

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Jumping Crocodile in Mid-Bite

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  1. Rainbow Lorikeet in my garden
  2. Tulips at Bowral, Sydney Southern Highlands
  3. Striped Gazania Flower
  4. Southern Alps, New Zealand
  5. Man Walking at Sunset – 80 Mile Beach, Western Australia
  6. Cute Baby Green Frog Sitting on Finger
  7. Sunrise on Top of Mount Kosciusko New Years Day
  8. Thorny Devil in the Australian Outback
  9. Aerial view of the Oodnadatta Track
  10. Jumping Crocodile in Mid-Bite
  11. Rainbow Bee Eater snapping up an insect
  12. Full lunar eclipse on 28th August 2007

21 Replies to “Free Desktop Wallpaper: Mount Kosciusko Sunrise, Jumping Crocodile Mid-Bite, Lunar Eclipse and more”

  1. hey neerav, great astro-shots indeed.. even I cannot open the link cause of getting some 403 error, whatever… is there any chance that you can upload this photo as a 1280×1024 desktop wallpaper? would be great, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    EDITOR: Thanks for telling me about the broken link FeWo. I’ve fixed it.

    You can achieve the same effect as a 1280×1024 wallpaper by setting it as “position: centre” with “color: black” in the Windows Desktop settings because it will blend in with the black sky

  2. Me and my girlfriend tried to stay up for the lunar eclipse, but we slept through it… i have no discipline for staying up for stuff like this or the meteor shower we had recently.

  3. Wow! Awesome photo!

    Down here in Melbourne it was cloudy so I only got to see a tiny part of the eclipse. Sydneysiders got a much better view.

  4. the pictures are very nice. iยดm a bit into photography too. you reminded me of something i really have to buy a tripod. thanks for reminding me and thanks for the post.

  5. That is a beautiful picture of the bird… my computer isn’t cooperating, so I couldn’t open the other one, but that looks beautiful, too. Nice work!

  6. Man these are some nice pictures.
    I have always wanted to get into photography.
    Keep snapping away!!!

    EDITOR: thanks Dev ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have lots more great photos in my collection from which I’ll publish a new one roughly once/month. Previously I was worried that people would steal them and use them for commercial purposes without asking so I didn’t publish them

    Now I’d rather people like yourself got to enjoy them, if people want to misuse them then they’ll get bad karma

  7. Not sure I’d like the croc or the blood-red moon to be in my eyeline. The eclipsed moon especially … might … bring on … the change …… AAArrrrrggghhhh! Arooooo!

  8. Here in Romania it was clouds on the sky when the eclipse was ๐Ÿ™ too bad because i wanted so much to see it, but in last way i’ve seen it on the way, those wallpapers are hot, i’m trying to do something like these for a while !!

  9. The crocodile picture is amazing.. how did you do that seems like you make this creature angry? or you put line on her.

  10. I like the Jumping crocodile in the Mid bite. It is something awesome . The way it is done is bit creative. I am not really fond of crocodiles but the wallpaper was done in creative manner that it looks interesting.

  11. The crocodile is bit scary but I like this wallpaper it is something interesting and unique than other wallpapers you got.

  12. The first one is pretty incredible … were you in a plane, or at the top of a cliff? It looks like you’re floating in mid air, the way the photo seems to be looking straight down.

    Your croc shot is a lot closer than I would ever want to get!

    EDITOR: Hi Forrest

    I was on a river cruise boat where they have special permission from National parks to feed the crocs. It was a combination of luck, timing and a bit of skill

    By the way I like your weekly photo blog, keep them up

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