Fix Sipura VOIP ATA Adapter interdigit dialing delay

2 common problems encountered by people who have purchased Sipura VOIP adapters such as the Sipura 2000 (2 VOIP lines) or Sipura 3000 (combined VOIP/PSTN failover) is that these devices expect you to dial a phone number quite quickly with little delay between each digit, and then take several seconds to actually dial the number once you’ve entered all the digits.


If you forget a digit and take too long to enter the next digit the Sipura aborts the call. To fix this adjust these Regional settings in the Sipura admin area:

Interdigit Long Timer: Specifies the default maximum time (in seconds) allowed between dialed digits, when no candidate digit sequence is as yet complete.

Interdigit Short Timer Specifies the default maximum time (in seconds) allowed between dialed digits, when at least one candidate digit sequence is complete as dialed.

I have the Interdigit Long Timer set at 10 and the Interdigit Short Timer set at 5.

To Dial a number faster: You can press “#” after entering the whole phone number or you can change the dialplan, so it has the exact pattern of the numbers you are dialing.

More Frequently Asked Questions about Sipura VOIP adapters are available on the Sipura Support website and make sure you’re using the latest Sipura firmware which will fix any flaws found since your particula Sipura was manufactured

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  1. It pleases me to have unselfish people like u to share their gained knowledge. My brother in law gave me a sipura 3000.
    I was able to simply work it here in the Philippines with the FWD so we can contact each other from Canada.
    Just trying to secure help if u can assist me configure it using the PSTN and Line 1 work. I tried to follow the manual and I can hear a mixed dail tone from the pstn and line 1. Appreciate any help from the readers of this blog site.

    Thanks in advance for any help and assistance

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