Coraline Movie Review (Australian Red Carpet Premiere 2009)

I recently attended the Australian premiere of the Henry Selick directed animated 3D stop-motion film “Coraline”, starring voice actors Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman and Dawn French.


Asking questions like “which father would you rather?” and “which mom is more fun?” the underlying lesson of the movie to all of us is “be careful what you wish for”.

Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s children’s novel, the plot centres around the adventures of a young girl, “Coraline” who moves to a new home with her writer parents and feels they don’t care about her.

Coraline premiered in Australia as part of the Sydney Film Festival and was introduced by Teri Hatcher in person who described it as “a little bit scary, but the kind of subject matter that I think you can talk about with children .. Coraline is a great hero. I think she is a great role model for young girls.”

The visuals were great especially in scenes where Coraline visits “the other world” and reminiscent of Selick’s previous work in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

I shall let these visuals do their work in convincing you to watch the movie by encouraging you to view the slideshow below:

Other People’s Reviews

“Terrifying and beautiful, believable and fantastical, this is one of the best children’s films in years and Selick’s finest – better even than The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“Adults leaving screenings of Coraline have been overheard fretting about how scary it is – and they’re right: it’s terrifying. Children leaving the cinemas, though, have just been bouncing and laughing. Strange, perhaps, but then, this is a strange film. As creepy as it is charming, as bizarre as it is beautiful, this is a true horror movie, but also a warm, brightly coloured children’s fairy tale about the magic behind the everyday.”

“And don’t forget, children are more resilient than we think. The Wizard Of Oz’s flying monkeys, the set-up of A Little Princess or the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are all terrifying at the right age, but it’s rare we remain traumatised by the encounter. Instead, the sight of a young protagonist defeating the forces ranged against him/her by an adult world is one that empowers, leaving kids not cowed but exhilarated. ”
Empire Magazine

“A gorgeously hand-crafted and pleasurably detailed piece of work. It’s also genuinely strange, creepy and arresting.”
Daily Telegraph (UK)

“It’s not really suitable for younger children but their elder brothers and sisters will be fiendishly entranced by the best children’s movie this year. Naysayers can button it”
Sky Movies

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  1. Saw the 3D version of this with my 5 year old son today – wonderful! The themes may have gone over his head a little, but the visual entertainment alone was worth the pricey ticket. He loved the groovy 3D glasses that were hard plastic and looked like something out of Risky Business.

    There were some parts of the movie a little scary but he just shut his eyes and cuddled closer during those moments. I liked the fact it was a kids movie dealing with a modern family situation – busy parents both working from home from their computers and sometimes not having enough hours in the day to spend with their child – could totally relate. Two thumbs up from both of us.

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