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Basic CSS Optimisation Principles

As an exercise in keeping my skills sharp I decided to see how far I could optimise this website’s CSS (cascading style sheet), and set out a basic set of principles to follow when writing CSS to keep the code concise and with as little repitition of values as possible.

After a mere 15 minutes I reduced the old style sheet from 4,267 bytes to 3,470 bytes in the new style sheet, a 19% reduction. While the size reduction is not a huge benefit in the scheme of things, it does mean that I can change certain values that are common to many page elements like font-weight : bold; to another value eg: font-weight : bolder; in one place and have the change made though all the grouped elements at once, rather than having to change it half a dozen times in different selectors throughout the stylesheet.

Bearing in mind that the CSS had already been optimised to some extent when first coded … these are some of basic principles I applied: Continue reading Basic CSS Optimisation Principles

Fix WordPress RSS feeds

By default wordpress shows these RSS feed links:

However, Google looks for RSS feeds named:

  • rss.xml – for an RSS 0.92 or 2.0 feed
  • index.rdf – for an RSS 1.0 feed
  • atom.xml – for an Atom RSS news feed

This means that each day when the GoogleBot visits my Blog, it generates many 404 file not found errors in my website logs by asking over and over again for :


After 15 such errors in the last hour I decided to see what I could do to fix this so that WordPress would display links to my RSS feeds which would stop GoogleBot hassling me with errors….
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The Status Quo isn’t Good Enough

I struck an interesting problem recently when attempting to gain a contract from an advertising agency to provide website optimisation services for their clients…

I had outlined the benefits of designing a website using a holistic approach to take advantage of the benefits in using web standards like XHTML & CSS, combined with the Apache web server, PHP scripting and MySQL database with quantifiable benefits such as:
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